Best Cat Treats

Finding the right treat to reward your cat can be a difficult task and not one that should be taken lightly. Not only do you want to find a cat treat that your furry feline will love and puuuuuuuuuurrrrr for, but it should also be healthy and safe for them.

At Noah's Ark Pet Treats we offer premium healthy pet treats like:

Organic Cat Nip - Here at Noah's Ark Pet Treats we have some of the highest quality Cat Nip out there. Planted here in beautiful British Columbia Canada. Our special Feline herb will make any cat go crazy for it, stuff some of our delicious Cat Nip into your cats favorite toy and they will surely love it. 

Cat Biscuits - Delicious and puuurrfect for your little furry freind!

Beef & Liver Shaker - Our Beef Liver selection is much like our other tasty treats. Made high quality from the absolute best products locally in British Columbia Canada. Unlike the Beef Backstrap the Beef Liver takes a softer approach trading chewing toughness for a better flavor. This is for the pup that takes time eating there food, that is more in it for taste then play. We recommend this for smaller and younger dogs, it won't be nearly as hard on their teeth as some of the tougher chews and bones.    

 Be sure to look around our website for more of the best cat treats available today!