Pet Treats

Pet Treats

All of our delicious pet treats are made right here in beautiful British Columbia using all local and natural ingredients for our products. 

Dog Nutrition

Despite this characteristic savage configuration, puppies have still figured out how to adjust over a huge number of years to get by on the meat and non-meat scraps and remains of human presence and flourish with an assortment of substances. In the United States alone, canine proprietors spent over $8.6 billion on economically produced pooch nourishment in 2007. A few individuals make their own canine sustenance, nourish their pooches suppers produced using fixings acquired in basic supply or well being nourishment stores or give their puppies a crude sustenance diet.

Treats Made In Canada

Located in Canada, and proudly BC-owned, we specialize in super premium all natural, SINGLE INGREDIENT, healthy dog, cat & other pet treats and raw muscles, organs and bones 

Since November 2006, when we first began experimenting with different pet treats from our home kitchen, we have tested and perfected what we believe are some of the best treats around!  In May 2010, we expanded to a full-size commercial kitchen which adheres to the strictest health and safety standards – and are now offering exceptional pet treats to select wholesale accounts.

Nothing more than just pure deliciousness.